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What a great start!

Posted: September 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Kudos to all instructors and bench reps on a super smooth first weekend of practices.

The Timbits were so amazing! It was great to reconnect with all the players and parents.

A word about “tears”

To a 4 or 5 year old player the ice is HUGE and filled with people who “obviously” are better than them.

The truth is that we all l had to learn to walk and skating is no different… just like us learning to walk – small successes need to be met with praise ….

Put simply no instructor will be negative to any player about their progress. We will work on accentuating the positive.



Posted: September 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. If ever you see something unsafe please let me know. Injuries are extremely rare in Timbits but can happen. If ever your child is “injured” please inform me right away.

Obvious ways to a safer experience:

  1. Make sure there is enough of a “knob” of tape on the end of the stick so the end can not pass through the cage of the helmet.
  2. Mouth guards are mandatory in the NMHA but they require a little work to get them to fit without the gag reflex being activated. I have some mouth guards at $10.
  3. Neck guards are also mandatory in the NMHA

Let’s keep our safety record intact!

One more sleep until our first skate!

On behalf of the 32 instructors and myself I want to welcome everyone to the new season. I promise that this will be an amazing experience for everyone – Instructors. on ice parents, team parent reps, proud fans and of course the most important – our Timbits.

This weekend is an optional skate for all new Timbits and any reluctant skaters. It is an opportunity to check out the new skates and see how well they work on ice. One caution – make sure the skates are sharp – often players forget to sharpen their skates for that first outing. It is also an opportunity for many to take their first reluctant step on to the ice. Some of our Timbits are only 4 and the ice will look enormous (and a little frightening) to them. For that reason our instructor Katie will be at the entrance to the rink without her skates on to talk to the players before they step on to the ice.

There is no simple solution to getting a reluctant skater on ice.Every child is different. Theirs fears are real to them… and will only disappear when they feel they are in a safe and  positive environment. So a few simple guidelines.

  1. Tell your child how much you enjoy skating
  2. Do not force them to get on the ice THEY WILL GET THERE
  3. Do not be disappointed or angry at them if they do not want to get on the ice THEY WILL GET THERE
  4. Tell them how nice you think the instructors are and that they teach all the players how to skate (WE ARE NICE)
  5. Tell them it is OK to fall – that is why they wear so much equipment. WE WILL PRACTICE FALLING
  6. Tell them that you can’t be with them on ice BUT you will be there all the time watching them ,,,,AND STAY AWAY FROM THE ENTRANCE TO THE ICE
  7. Tell them that you are proud of them for ________________


Saturday Nepean Sportsplex1 (THE BIG RINK!)  1:00 – 3:00

Sunday Walter Baker “B”  9:30 – 11:30