IP2 Practice Oct 10 – Bell Arena 3-7

Posted: October 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

WARM UP SKATE: (5 minutes)

Skate with pucks (turn the nets so they will not be encouraged to shoot)

ALL IN ONE END (Less than 15 minutes of skating activities – all there and back)

  • Fast as you can
  • Hop every line
  • Fall at every line and get up
  • Skate to red line and two foot glide to the end with stick across the knees
  • Skate to the red and ONE FOOT glide to the end
  • Scull (inside outside)
  • Stop at every line and look at the stands
  • Fast as you can

ACTIVITY STATIONS – 4 groups (6 minutes per station)

  1. Shark skate with ringette rings inside a faceoff circle. Location – Both faceoff circles at one end.

GOAL: This develops balance, lowered stance, edge control, puck protection, collision avoidance and rapid first steps.

VOCAB: “ Sharks have to keep skating to survive. I want you to keep skating without bumping into each other or losing your ring. You cannot leave the circle.”

  1. Figure eight skate and glide – each player will skate around their own set of two pylons placed 10 feet apart. Location:  Red line to blue line at one end.

GOAL: This develops inside edge pressure to initiate a turn and to introduce the concept of the figure eight path..

VOCAB: “I want you to skate as fast as you can to the pylon and GLIDE AROUND IT then skate to the other pylon and GLIDE AROUND IT in the opposite direction. This is called a figure eight skate – remember to glide not skate around the pylon.”

  1. Cross ice skate and shot on net (PVC Goalie in place) Location: Across ice on one side of the red line.

GOAL: To develop basic stick handling and shot on net “where the goalie isn’t!”

VOCAB: “ Skate across the ice stick handling the puck and try to score on our goalie. Remember shoot where the goalie isn’t! Once you have shot join the line to come back and shoot on the other net.”

  1. Basketball  –. Two baskets skate and dunk! Location: Inside the ringette line on one end

GOAL: This develops rapid first steps, balance, mobility.

VOCAB: “ “Basket balls on ice – lets see those dunks” – “Did I mention the fact the may move???”




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