Mini Games are coming!

Posted: October 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Our players have done very well in our first month of practice and now it is time to add another component to the NMHA IP program.

NMHA IP “Timbits”Games 2015 – 2016

Players and fans all enjoy the excitement of a “real” game. Hockey Canada mandates when the first game can be – ours will start in late November and early December. The Initiation program is about developing skills and attitudes so that future hockey experiences are based on a firm foundation.  It is important that everyone understands the way the games will work.

First the obvious things:

Like any hockey game two teams will be involved.

There are no winners and no scores are posted.

There are no standings.

There are no MVPs  but parents are encouraged to recognize assists and goals.


Now the organization:

Each team has 20 players and our goal is to maximize the number of “touches” a player gets during the game. Each game will be run by an instructor ref in a referee jersey. Shifts will be 3 minutes long and play will restart with a faceoff after each goal. IP1 and IP2 will work slightly differently.

IP1 will have two five on five mini games at the same time played with smaller nets arranged lengthwise on the ice. There will be a neutral zone between the two nets at centre ice. We may be able to put up a barrier across the ice. There will be no goalies. This means 10 of the 20 players will be on the ice at any time while the rest are on the bench cheering on their team. For the sake of the spectators coaches will be asked to assign half of their team to each game. In that way parents can sit on the end of the arena where their child will be playing. This may change as the season progresses. Teams that are short players will have to make adjustments.

IP2 will have two games arranged lengthwise with standard nets. Each team will dress a goalie who will get training by our goalie coach starting in November. In the games goalies will face each other but will switch to the other game half way through. Like in IP1 players will be assigned to one end of the ice. This means one game will be six on six including goalies and the other will be four on four with no goalies.

These games will be exciting and full of great achievements. As always the experience will be guided by the simple principle of always being positive and building on or players’ accomplishments.


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