When do you take the buckets away?

Posted: November 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

I have been very pleased with the improvement of our beginning skaters. Almost all our players are ready to leave their buckets and start to skate on their own. Buckets are far more than just a support. They help players to open their hips, bend their knees and push out sideways rather than straight back. All three of these are essential components of skating forwards. If you are concerned about your Timbit’s skating than you have a few options. One is to bring them to two practices so we can work with them. The second is to take them to public skating.

Some of our players who have resisted buckets are still running on their skates. This may look like they are progressing BUT in fact they are learning to do something that is not part of skating. Skating requires the player to be almost constantly out of balance as they push off with alternating feet. This emphasis on staying balanced above their skates will make their progression harder.

We will begin to move players from buckets once they get a push with both feet. Games are coming and all players need to be off buckets to participate in the games.

In order to make this transition a little easier we will be using buckets for ALL players in two of our drills this Saturday. I have used buckets all the way to Bantam to show foot placement – they are not restricted to IP.


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