Practice outline IP1 Merivale Arena Dec 12

Posted: December 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

IP 1 Practice Dec 12  Merivale Aena 8-1

IP1’s are doing very well. Almost all players are off the buckets. BUT we need to push them a little to skate harder. “I want to hear their skates”

Warm up skate – (MUCH SHORTER) – Skate with balls


Fast as you can (2 ways)

Exaggerated one foot then other foot stride

Together apart

Stop and drop at every line both ways

DRILLS assuming 5-6   per group

  1. Tire push
  2. Mini net games 1 on 1 – Winner stays in
  3. Exercise ball push with tall pylons in a staggered pattern RACE
  4. Backward skating
  5. Partner passing to shot on net
  6. Stopping
  7. What time is it Mr. Wolf

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