Practice outline IP2 Dec 12

Posted: December 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

IP 2 Practice Dec 12 Bell Arena 3-5

Warm up skate – (MUCH SHORTER)  We need to get to our activities faster!


Fast as you can (2 ways)

Exaggerated one foot then other foot stride We need to lengthen their stride.

Together apart

Stop and drop at every line

Touch one knee at every line

Forward backward transition there and back

DRILLS assuming 4-5  per group

Goalie training net 1

  1. Two on none with the goalie ACTIVE!! Both ways around  net 2
  2. Mini net games 1 on 1 – Winner stays in
  3. Exercise ball push with tall pylons in a staggered pattern RACE
  4. Backward skating around the pool noodle BOTH WAYS
  5. Figure eight skate
  6. Passing to shot on net (net 3)
  7. Backhand shot (net 4)
  8. What time is it Mr. Wolf

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