When do you take the bucket away?

Posted: December 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Without question the orange buckets are an excellent way to teach players to skate. They do several things:

  1. They “open up the hips” and force players to a push that is wide
  2. They tip the players forward into an almost “hockey position”
  3. They support players until they find their front back and side to side balance points.
  4. ….. and of course they are fun to push around

SO when is it time to take them away? There is no one answer for all solution.Buckets make players feel safe and secure … but their are no buckets in hockey. If we take them away too early then the players will revert to an upright position which will result in them trying to balance instead of skating. The easy answer is to take them away when the player says so – unfortunately this means that players hold on to their big orange security blankets far too long.Orange buckets can be removed when the player shows good lateral stride with some power and a forward lean when they skate. Instructors will try very hard to convince players still on buckets to “fly free”.


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