Practice outline IP2 Merivale Dec 19 9- 1

Posted: December 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Last Practice before Christmas…

Warm up skate – (MUCH SHORTER) – Skate with pucks


Fast as you can (2 ways)

Exaggerated one foot then other foot stride

Together apart

Stop and drop at every line

Touch one knee at every line

Forward backward transition

DRILLS will be much like last weekend focusing on puck control as well as skating  backwards (assuming 6  per group)

Goalie training will use one net

  1. Puck movement through staggered  pylons
  2. 2 Mini net games 1 on 1 – Winner stays in
  3. Tire push with tall pylons in a staggered pattern
  4. Backward skating moving left and right
  5. Partner passing  to shot on net
  6. Passing to the small nets – forehand and backhand



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