What happens if my child can’t skate very well?

Posted: September 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

The IP (Initiation Program) is usually two years IP1’s are beginning skaters and IP2’s are more developed in their skating. Within both levels there is a significant range. That is why we have an instructor to player ratio of approximately 1:4

When players first learn to skate there is a natural tendency for parents to want them to stay balanced and not fall. The result is something resembling a penguin walk. This is great for their confidence but a large hurdle to their learning to skate.When someone skates they are not balanced – in fact they are always falling either forward or slightly backwards. They constantly adjust using the opposite foot. This is the same idea when we walk or run.

In order to skate players need to learn three things:

  • to bend their knees
  • to open their hips
  •  to push hard at a diagonal

The solution is the “orange bucket”. Beginning skaters will start with these. Some skaters are on them for only a few weeks while others will take a little more time. ALL skaters will use these buckets at some time during the year since they have the effect of allowing players to “find their edges”.  A large part of IP is doing exactly that – finding the limit of their edges as they change direction.

NOTE: If you are taking your beginning skater to public skating or to the canal. 2 or 3 orange buckets are the best skating aid you can find. They are better than any commercial device. They also are a place for shoes and snacks!




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