IP1 Practice Plan Oct 1 2016 9:00 – 2:00 Merivale Practice 2 UPDATED DUE TO ONLY ONE HOUR BETWEEN IP1 and IP2

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Now that we have seen our entry level Timbits skate it is obvious that there is a wide range of skating ability. The “orange buckets” really progressed over the course of the first practice. I know that parents want their players to be off buckets BUT getting off the bucket before they learn to “open their hips” and push sideways will slow their progress.

Orange Buckets will be in one end from the beginning of the practice.

Mark off the orange bucket area with pylons across the blue line

NOTE: Remind parents to move to that end of the arena


  1. FUN, UPBEAT AND EXCITING….  and no frustration
  2. Listening to the explanation
  3. Balance
  4. Pushing hard and to the side


  1. Free skate as a warm up
  2. Simon says – lift, hop, frontwards, backwards, sideways etc
  3. Circle Skate both directions
  4. Wave drill – Skate and stop on command (red and green objects)
  5. Bumper buckets
  6. Push the individual soccer ball
  7. Coloured wiffle ball retrieval
  8. Wave drill – push the bucket away then skate to it.
  9. Hockey game with pond hockey nets

Closing – Remind them how far they have come in just two practices!!!

Practice outline for the skaters who are working without buckets

Warm up skate:  Skate with wiffle balls

ALL IN – ONLY ½ ice since orange buckets are at the other end

  1. Fast as you can x 2
  2. One foot push
  3. Skate and glide on two feet
  4. Skate and glide on one foot
  5. Step over every line
  6. Hop every line

REDBULL RACE  – Mass start oval skate with 5 or 6 “gates” or  dive through stations


  1. 2 person Tire tug

Players hold on to a bike tire with one hand and pull each other.

  1. Small motorcycle tire pull with ropes around the waist

Use martial arts belts and make sure the belt does not slip down around their knees

  1. One foot push through TALL pylons

The emphasis is on their push with alternating feet

  1. Shooting on the net

The emphasis is on making sure they shoot with the correct hand…many will not know which they want to use and some will have sticks the wrong way.. This is also a chance to teach them how to shoot and transfer weight. They can try both forehand and backhand.

WRAP UP – Mini games with pucks (2 or 3)  and 4 nets


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