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The Orange buckets have done a great job in their first two practices. Orange buckets are the best skating aid since they force players to “open their hips” and push to the side. They also allow early success which builds confidence. They also have a habit of staying around longer than they are needed in some cases. The real challenge is to determine the right time to get our players off their buckets. More and more we will be asking players to push their bucket away and skate to it.

ORANGE BUCKETS  practice #3 Oct 8 2016 BELL ARENA 2 – 7


  1. FUN, UPBEAT AND EXCITING…. and no frustration.  INSTRUCTORS -this means that I expect funny voices and your best personality!
  2. Listening to the explanation
  3. Balance
  4. Pushing hard and to the side

Drills: NO DRILL LONGER THAN 4 MINUTES (40 – 45 minutes)

Players don’t want to do the same thing over and over.


  1. Free skate as a warm up AT ONE END PUT OUT THE PYLONS
  2. Simon says – lift, hop, frontwards, backwards, sideways etc
  3. Circle Skate both directions – ONE FOOT PUSH
  4. Skate through the tires without touching a tire
  5. Skate and stop on command (red and green objects)
  6. Bumper buckets
  7. Push the individual soccer ball
  8. Catch the ball in the bucket (like 500 up)
  9. Push the bucket away then skate to it.

Closing – Remind them how far they have come in just three practices!!!



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