IP2 Practice Plan Saturday Oct 8, 2016 Merivale arena 9 – 1 Practice 3

Posted: October 8, 2016 in Uncategorized


Overall goals:

  1. Power in the push with both feet
  2. Balance and weight transfer
  3. Puck handling
  4. Stopping
  5. Backward skating

WARM UP – skate with pucks NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES


Fast as you can x 2

One, two, three  – glide

Stop at every line with alternating sides

Forward backward transition at every line


Stick handle

Chip and go



  1. Backward skating “PUSH WITH YOUR TOES”
  2. Ringette ring keep away in the circle
  3. Figure 8 skate using the stick at both turns
  4. One foot push with TALL pylons and ringette rings
  5. Stick handling through the tires ending with a shot on net (use both nets
  6. Passing accuracy (mini nets)


WRAP UP: Freeze tag

NOTE: We will start Goalie training next week at Bell


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