IP2 Practice Plan Saturday Nov 12 2016 Bell Arena 3-7 Practice 8

Posted: November 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

Overall goals:

  1. Power in the push with both feet
  2. Edge control
  3. Balance and weight transfer during change in direction
  4. Puck handling – especially passing
  5. Stopping
  6. Backward skating

WARM UP – skate with pucks NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES

ALL IN : There and back

Fast as you can

One, two, three  – glide

Together, apart (sculling)

One knee touch at every line

Stop at every line ( using sticks) with alternating sides ( face stands) x 2

Forward backward transition at every line




Goaltending at one end in the crease 1 net  – other goalie is in drill 5

  1. Rapid shot competition 1 net (one puck at a time) net #1
  2. Wrap around shot with partner in front of net – PVC goalie net #2
  3. Backward skating “PUSH WITH YOUR TOES” around pylons
  4. Figure 8 skate around individual pylons using the stick to turn
  5. Two- passing through the tires ending with a shot on net #3
  6. Goalie training Net #4

WRAP UP If time (unlikely) :  “ Shoot by” with instructors on the blue line


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