IP2 Practice Plan Saturday Dec 10 2016 Merivale Arena 9 – 1 Practice 11

Posted: December 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

Overall goals:

  1. Puck handling – especially passing TWO HANDS ON THE STICK!!
  2. Shooting
  3. Stopping BOTH SIDES!
  4. Backward skating

WARM UP – skate with pucks NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES

ALL IN : Fast as you can (10 minutes)

Stop at every line ( using sticks) with alternating sides ( face stands) x 2

Forward backward transition at every line

One, two, three  – glide

One, two, three  – glide    with pucks

Chip and go  with pucks



Goaltending at one end in the crease 1 net  – other goalie is in drill 5

  1. One timer shot on net #1 with the feed from the instructor BEHHIND the net to allow them to shift from side to side.
  2. Three shots on net #2  Shoot then cycle back to next shot.
  3. Backward skating “PUSH WITH YOUR TOES” around an individual pylon both directions THEN around a  simple pylon course Right turn, left turn
  4. Figure 8 around pylons with a puck
  5. Two- passing through the tires ending with a shot on net #3 with goalie

Make sure the players are further apart are further apart so passes are longer.

  1. Goalie training Net #4

 WRAP UP three puck game with goalies


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