IP1 Practice outline LAST ONE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Merivale Arena 9-2 Dec 17, 2016

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IP1 Practice outline LAST ONE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Merivale  Arena 9-2  Dec 17, 2016

NEED 4 nets!

Warm up skate:  Skate with pucks INSTRUCTORS get them to pass.

ALL IN – All players including orange buckets (Very few left!)

WATCH FOR STRAGGLERS – they should never be alone at the back of the pack!

  1. Fast as you can
  2. One foot push – change foot at every line
  3. 1,2,3 glide
  4. Fall to two knees at every line
  5. Stopping x 2 – THEY NEED TO BELIEVE THEY CAN TURN AND STOP so use their stick across their chest and have them pull the stick to 90 degrees Full stop at every line

Red bull cycle around the 4 off side buttons (Glide through pylon gates with hands on knees)


  1. Saucer race (corner 1)
  2. Christmas ball attack vs instructors (2 nets in corner 2)
  3. Snow ball fight over barrier (blue line)
  4. Rabbit hunt (towards the penalty box area)
  5. Car race (blue line to centre ice stands side)
  6. Shooting against the boards (wrist shot slap shot, backhand) (2 nets corner 3)

Note: ORANGE BUCKETS ARE IN CORNER 4 –  Hopefully very few with me.

Candy canes on the cages


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