IP2 Bell Arena 3- 7 Saturday Feb 25, 2017

Posted: February 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

WARM UP: Skate with pucks (5 minutes)

ALL IN: 10 minutes or less

Fast as you can

Forward backward transition

Stop at every line


  1. Stickhandle
  2. Chip and go
  3. Drop puck at centre ice and retrieve on the way back

6 Stations: 30 minutes 4 nets needed

  1. Corner 1- BLACK pucks and full size net    one line and a line  of 6 buckets forming a “T”  Player skates with a puck through the pylons and to the branch point and either goes right or left for shot on net with plastic goalie
  2. Corner 2 – WITH BUCKETS circle – cross over forwards and backwards SLOW IT DOWN
  3. BLUE LINE _ Offside drill Puck in You in.  Puck out everyone out
  4. RED/BLUE Backward skating around a pylon course. EMPHASIZE Change of direction.
  5. Corner 3 centred on faceoff circle. Puck competition with two medium nets 1 on 1. Once puck leaves the circle the drill is over
  6. Corner 4 WITH goalie TWO lines one player goes around the net ON FOREHAND and passes out to player in front for shot on goalie
  7. Goalie training in full size net in crease

WRAP UP (IF TIME)  – two net all in game with three pucks


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