IP2 Practice Saturday March 25, 2017 9-1 our last one at Merivale

Posted: March 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

First I would like to start by thanking the great staff at the arena…and of course our canteen with the goodies.They are so great to work with.Since this is our last practice at both Merivale and Bell all those reading this should take a moment to thank them for their efforts!

Practice plan

Warm up – skate with pucks

All in:  

Fast as you can

Sculling forward and back

Stop at every line

Forward backward transitions

Right knee, left knee, both knees

NO STICKS       Game:  Predator and Prey Dodgeball –  one team against the other until no one is left then repeat

Drills:  5 Stations: 30 minutes 4 nets needed   6- 8 per station 

  1. Corner 1- In and out game (2 on 2 or 3 on 3) across the blue line (as in basketball –one team enters the zone and tries to score while the other team tries to get the puck back over the blue line) – this is essentially an offside drill and a game WITHOUT GOALIE
  2. Corner 2 Figure 8 skate both forward and backwards – Cross over both ways
  3. Red bull cycle blue line to blue line on half of the ice on the opposite side to corner 1
  4. Corner 3- Skate in on goalie 2 on none
  5. Corner 4 Bounce puck off the boards – receive it skating backwards and then skate forward to shoot at boards – repeat
  6. Goalie training in full size net in crease

WRAP UP if time – rubber chicken keep away




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