IP1 Practice  Bell Arena  3-8, March 25, 2017

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WARM UP: Skate with pucks  (5 minutes)

ALL IN:   (5 minutes)

Fast as you can

Fall on two knees and get up

1,2,3 glide / 1 foot glide , other foot glide

Stop at every line x 2

6 stations: 5  players per station   30 minutes

Corner 1 Tire push through tall pylons

Corner 2 Full size net- three pucks – shoot as fast as you can

Between blue lines (across the ice)  Red Bull Challenge

IF we have a goalie then skate in and shoot on the goalie

IF we do not have a goalie then from crease out to blue line straight line skate with forehand and backhand shots to either side using small nets and piles of pucks

Corner 3 Ringette ring keep away

 Corner 4  Puck challenge into corner – fight for puck and shoot on full size net


Wrap up game Rubber chicken keep away


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