IP1 Practice  Merivale Arena  9-2, Feb 25, 2017

Posted: February 25, 2017 in Uncategorized


WARM UP: Skate with balls   (5 minutes)

ALL IN:   (8 minutes)

Fast as you can

One foot … other foot

1,2,3  glide and hold until the next line

Sculling forward and backward

Stop at every line x 2



Chip and go

6 stations: 4 players per station   36 minutes

Corner 1 Basketball

Corner 2 Full size net- three pucks – shoot as fast as you can

Between blue and red line  Backward skating holding a stick across the chest of a partner. Partner does NOT PUSH!!! (SAFETY ISSUE)

Centred on the blue line   Skate through 5 pylons pick up puck…  skate through 3 pylons and shoot on full size net with goalie

Corner 3 Ringette keep away

 Corner 4  Puck challenge into corner – fight for puck and shoot on medium net


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