IP1 Practice Merivale   Arena  9 – 2, Feb 11, 2017

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WARM UP: Skate with balls


Fast as you can

One foot … other foot

1,2,3  glide and hold until the next line

Lift your foot and hold it until the next line one way – fall and get up at every line coming back

Stop at every line x 2

3 Small area games using 4 medium size nets and the regular nets. – TWO pucks per game.

5 stations:

Corner 1 Inside the ringette line  – Rubber chicken keep away. Do not cross into the other drill .Mark with pylons.

Corner 2 Medium  hockey nets- three pucks shoot as fast as you can (2 lines using two nets). HIGH ENERGY Emphasis is on speed and weight transfer.

Blue / past the Red line   Skate through slightly  offset pylons – pick up puck and shoot on the medium  hockey nets (2 lines) Note – spread the lines so the instructor can be between the two line and dish the passes off laterally. Players alternate lines.

Centred on the blue line     Backward skating holding a stick across the chest of a partner. Partner does NOT PUSH!!! (SAFETY ISSUE)

Inside the ringette line line–  “Hockquet” with small “gates” to put the puck through 2 paths 6 gates each – one forehand one backhand

Tunnel up and say goodbye

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