Practice Outline IP2 March 29, Bell Arena 3-8

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FOCUS: Edge control, power in forward skating, skating backwards, stick handling, shooting

NOTE: We also will be using the GoPro camera on instructors for this time.


GoPro camera and harness, 22 Small weighted pylons + stickhandling apparatus , 2 PVC Goalies, 10 medium size pylons, 20 Buckets, blue pucks, 6 tires, 4 NETS + 2 smaller nets with targets

WARM UP (No more than 5 minutes)

Stickhandling with pucks SHOOTING ON NETS BUT NO GOALIES ALLOWED ie stickhandle the length of the ice, shoot, pick up a new puck and go to the other end

ALL IN (15 minutes)

Due to falling down at the boards we are moving to  RINGETTE LINE TO RINGETTE LINE

      1.  Fast as you can  

2.      Two knees at every line

3.      One foot push one length then other foot

4.      Plane skate

5.      Feet together apart

6.      Slalom

7.      Twist and move (open hip slalom)

8.      Forward backward transition at each line

9.      Stop at each line and wave looking at stands

10.  Fast as you can

 TEAMS TO OPPOSITE ENDS  (5 minutes maximum – including travel time)

Figure eight skate around the two circles…we have never done this but it will be done lots in Novice so best we teach it here!

It is very important that we slow them down and force them to concentrate on their crossovers.

SAFETY ISSUE: Collisions as they cross! :

Vocab  “KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. This is not a race – it is a chance to practice crossovers.”


6 STATIONS: ( 5 minutes each!) – assuming 34 players less than 6 per station

  1. Passing drill using orange buckets. USE TWO NETS    Simpler than last practice. Two lines of players with irregular gaps in a row of buckets.   Vocab: “The buckets are just like a player on the other team. You need to be able to pass by them to get the puck to your team. DO NOT HIT THE BUCKETS. You will need to communicate with your partner to make sure they are ready for your pass. When you get to the net make sure the player with the clearest shot shoots and scores. ”    Encourage backhand passes since they often want to turn to their forehand.

 2 Stickhandling through a straight pylon course (North / south on one side of the rink beside the bucket drill)   Use two lines

Vocab: “THIS IS NOT A RACE – slow down and keep the puck under control. Remember to tilt your stick to cradle the puck. Keep the pylons between your legs (Different from last week).  DEMO REQUIRED HERE”

 3  Backward skating with lateral motion (across the ice between the blue line and the red line – LOTS of room so less chance of collision. We really want to focus on POWER and the ABILITY TO MOVE SIDE TO SIDE with stronger C pushes on one side.)

Vocab: “Skate backwards using “C” cuts and try to give one extra hard cut to one side. Stop then do the same thing but on the other side.” REALLY WORK ON THIS!!!

 4 Tire push (Across the ice from blue line to red line.

 SAFETY ISSUE: Watch for backward skaters.

Vocab: “We have pushed tires before. This drill is about POWER so we need to make sure our legs are in the power position with your knees bent and your skates under you.” You can add to this drill by asking players to push against each other – tire on tire or with each other – two tires together. SAFETY: IT IS BERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE PLSYERS PUSHING THE SAME TIRE IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS . DANGER OF STICK COMING UP AND SPEARING THE OPPOSITE PLAYER.

 5 Pass and shoot (one  line)  Ringette line in to end of the ice beside the goalie training)

Players pass to instructor then receive a pass back from instructor and then shoot

Vocab: “ Pass the puck to me and I will pass it back to you. Shoot on the net and get back in line DO NOT COME BACK THROUGH THE DRILL – STAY ON THE OUTSIDE SO YOU DON’T BUMP INTO THE OTHER PLAYERS.”

 6 Accurate shooting  (Use the two small nets on the side boards beside the goalie training.)

NOTE: We have not spent much time on teaching them the mechanism of shooting. This is a good time when you only have a few players to offer suggestions.

Vocab: “There are obvious holes in the covers on the net. Take your time and pick a hole and try to score. Try a backhand.”

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