Hockey gear to for short term loan…. our Lost and found policy

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

From time to time players will show up with some item of their gear missing. I purchased a few more items at Play It Again yesterday and now I think I will have what players may need. This gear supply is designed to eliminate a short term problem not be a permanent solution.. The items are not for sale or “permanent borrow” – so please return them to the bin right after their use. I think the best way to make these available is to keep them in a plastic bin. The one exception to this are mouth guards. I purchased 10 of these for $10 each and they can not be returned. I am still waiting to get paid for the mouth guard I “loaned” two weeks ago.

From time to time gear will be left at the arena. There is no perfect way to deal with this. Every arena has a lost and found box (usually in the office where the Zamboni driver works). Since some players will use this gear for events other than the Timbits program I am worried that if I take it then parents will not be able to get it as easily once they realize the item is lost.

So the policy…..

1. I will bring any gear left behind at the end of the block of time I am scheduled at the arena home and then will post a list on this blog. So under thius system parents will need to call me to arrange a time to come to retrieve the item.

2. Bench reps who see gear from their team should just take it with them so that it will make it back to the team the next week. If you email me then I will post it on the blog. By now every team should have established a communication network. If your team has not yet done that then you should at the very least arrange an email system. A facebook page dedicated to the team works very well.

To date I have no lost and found items.

Sort of related… If ever your child outgrows a piece of gear I would be happy to receive them in the bin. This saves me the expense of buying gear. The amount of money I can direct to buying gear is limited and every donation helps.



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